Wood Turning


Natural Edged Bowl Out Of Carob

16"X 12"




Natural Edged Bowl With Bark Out Of Cork Oak

14"X 10"



Red Oak Vase Form On A Stand

20"X 12"

Dyed Dowel Layered Bowl

12"X 6"

Dyed Dowel Square Layered Bowl

12"X 12"X 6"



Dyed Shaving Enclosed Vessel Form. Composed of the Compressed Shavings From the Dyed Dowel and Dyed Veneer Pieces.6"X 6"



Dyed Veneer Enclosed Vessel Form

12"X 6"

Dyed Veneer Square Bowl

12"X 12"X 7"

Dyed Hexagonals

13"X 6"

Space Warp Series. Carob

16"X 8"